Infographic: Inbound vs. Outbound – By the Numbers

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you’ve probably figured out that we’re very much on board the inbound marketing train. As marketers, we need to adapt to the evolution of the sales process. Consumers are changing the ways that they research products, consume information and make purchasing decisions.

That’s why we believe that traditional marketing methods like cold calling, direct mail and print advertising for example, are becoming less effective while more modern marketing tactics that take advantage of SEO, social media and genuine helpful content are becoming so successful.

Helpful is the new viral.

If you’re still not convinced, our friends at Fusebox Creative have put together this amazing infographic outlining some head-to-head statistics that prove just how powerful inbound marketing can be.

Click for larger image.

There’s certainly some eye-opening numbers in that graphic. Our challenge to you is to put your own current online marketing efforts to the test with our inbound marketing checklist:

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