3 Blogging Pitfalls That Are Killing Your Online Marketing

Keeping up with original content for the purpose of inbound marketing can be a daunting task at first. Many businesses like to focus on attracting new traffic with their blog, but ignore all of the other strategies to convert new leads, close sales and excite those customers and readers into becoming promoters of their brand.

Once they fail to see an immediate impact in revenues, the dream usually comes to a crashing halt. Here are 3 blogging pitfalls that are certain to bring doom to your online brand, so avoid them at all costs:

1. Giving Up Early

Inbound marketing takes a lot of work, but your blog doesn’t have to become a news outlet that is updated like a daily newspaper. Just remember that fresh and helpful content is what keeps the inbound marketing engine purring like a kitten. Even if you’re only adding new content on a weekly basis, that’s fine. Just make sure to keep your updates at regularly scheduled intervals so that search engines know when to come back and rank you and so that you can keep feeding new leads into the sales funnel. See this graph that shows rate of success over time.

Click for larger image.

2. Talking Only About You

A blog is not the place to deliver your elevator pitch every time out. The purpose of operating a successful blog is to provide helpful content to those who are seeking solutions to problems. Businesses who only talk about their products and services in their content are doing nothing to establish and build genuine relationships with potential clients.

3. Lack of Strategy

Remember the 1960’s Batman series starring Adam West? Aside from being a delectable gooey batter of awesome and awful at the same time, it had a way of drawing fans to the next episode with the famous ‘Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel’ phrase.


It also had the Batusi. This is what twerking looked like in the 60’s.

The strategy was to leave you hanging in order to come back next time to see how the dynamic duo was going to get themselves out of a jam. Your blog also needs a strategy to make it successful. What are the goals of your blog? What are your expectations? Once you have your mind around the purpose of creating content, you can begin developing the means to achieve those goals.

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