3 Reasons Why Your Content Isn’t Working

Writing marketing copy – especially for the web, isn’t easy. With the evolution of high speed internet and faster web technologies we’ve become increasingly impatient and selective with the content that we take in.

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That’s why you need to make sure that your web content is in tip top shape before you’re ready to blast it from your rooftop. A great inbound marketing strategy lets the content do a lot of heavy lifting. So why is your website content not producing leads the way that you thought it would? It could be one of the following:

1. It’s Not Speaking to the Right People

You’ve heard us preach about buyer personas on this blog before and that’s because they are the most important step in inbound marketing. It’s imperative to figure out who your buyers are before your write any content. Your buyer personas are the filter that every piece of marketing content should filter through before it ever sees the light of day. Remember that your marketing is not for you, it’s for your customers. Clearly identifying your dream customers is the first step toward creating and producing high quality content that triggers conversions.

2. It doesn’t Solve the Problem

Your customers are looking for you because they have a problem and they’re looking for someone to solve that problem. One of the most common mistakes we find with web content is that it speaks to the features of the product or service and doesn’t focus on solving problem solving. Features are great, but they should only come into play once the buying process begins. When you’re still at the Attract phase of the sales funnel, content should be focused on customer pain points first and foremost.

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3. It’s Long Winded.

If you’re used to writing blogs, it can be a little more difficult to condense your writing style to achieve punch-you-in-the face nuggets of awesomeness. To do this you need to edit. Cut redundant or confusing points, reduce punctuation and make sure that it still delivers what your customers are looking for. If you aren’t confident enough in your own writing abilities, then we would highly recommend bringing in a professional writer that knows how to write for the web.

If you’re dead-set on making your web content work yourself, a good place to start for many people is by producing blog content. It’s fairly easy and it will help you pick up the basics. We’ve even got a starter guide for you.

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