We can’t control everything that is said about us on the internet, but that hasn’t stopped many businesses from using the power of social media to drive traffic, increase leads and provide additional customer service.  The added value that social media brings to your marketing budget can be huge as long as you’ve got your ducks in a row before you start Tweeting and Facebooking.  Here are a few things that will hopefully help get your social media campaign off the ground.

Don’t just wing it

A web marketing plan is just as important as your traditional business plan and marketing plan.  93% of business to business marketers are frequently using social media to produce new leads and new business.  Before firing off a canon full of random babble at your audience consider asking yourself a few questions.  What is your social media goal?  Who is my audience and what do they like?  How will I measure results and what kind of results should I expect?

SEO doesn’t just apply to your website

Social Media Optimization is the new Search Engine Optimization.  Begin creating your social content with keywords in mind.  Finding out just what keywords you should be targeting can be researched during the above planning phase.  Also make sure that your social content allows your followers to easily link back to your website or desired landing page.

Don’t swat a fly with a hand grenade

"They said I was a womanizing, rumor-spreading, beer-guzzling, thief. That's harsh. I don't even drink alcohol."

As we’ve discussed before, dealing with negative feedback is something you’ll most certainly have to accept at some point.  Although you can’t control what people are saying about your business online (good or bad), what you can do is ensure that you respond to unwanted negative criticism in a timely and most importantly professional fashion and help build and solidify those client relationships.

In the end, the telling tale on the success of your campaign comes in the form of measuring and studying the results.  To effectively gather results we must revert back to the planning phase once again when outlining your goals.  What sort of metrics do you want or need to keep?  Was the goal to increase online conversions?  Increase newsletter signups?  Generate more visitors to your website?

You’ll be much more confident in sticking with social media if you’ve planned your campaign properly and gathered the appropriate data to learn and improve for next time.  If you’re looking to get your social media efforts off the ground, contact Point Click Media.


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