4 Beginner Tips for Sharing Your Brand Story

Branding a business is often made out to be a complicated process. With all of the marketing buzz words floating around it’s easy to feel intimidated, but great branding is really not as complicated as you might think. It’s all about sharing your story. A story that tells people your heartaches and victories. It’s the story that separates you from the rest of the brands out there. Most of all, it’s a story that is uniquely yours.

I bet the Trix Rabbit has some skeletons in his closet. You don’t take 60 years of rejection without ‘disappearing’ a few school kids behind the cafeteria.

So how can you begin to share your brand story? How can you begin to portray your business philosophies and culture? Here are a few tips on how to effectively share your brand story:

1. Dumb it Down

Your story doesn’t need to be a fairy tale novel. Be clear but concise when sharing your story. Your audience is being bombarded daily with thousands of brand stories, so you only have a few minutes to tell yours and make sure they connect to it.

2. Give Good Details

Your story should have compelling detail that will stand out from your competition. Find those key points that people will easily understand and relate to from daily experiences.

3. Be Authentic

People can spot a fake from a mile away. Heartaches and challenges are part of every story, so don’t be afraid to share yours. It will make your story more believable and trustworthy. Let them know they can trust you in good times and in bad.

Unless it’s Taco Bell. Never trust flatulence after a Beef Burrito Supreme.

4. Connect on an Emotional Level

This is the key element to any good story. Your brand must connect with people on an emotional level in order to resonate. As humans, our life experiences shape us at our very core. Look at the movie industry. Writers spend countless hours dreaming of scripts that will move audiences, that will inspire, scare or even bring the hardest person to tears. You need to find that nugget in your story that will pull at your audience’s heart strings.

Although a good story needs to be simple, detailed, real and emotional, it should be a well thought out process. Remember, the best brands of the world are the stories that are best told.

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