4 Creative Ways to Leverage Youtube Marketing for Your Business

Everyone loves the idea of creating a viral video. It’s like having a meal ticket to superstardom. Hundreds of thousands or even millions of viewers that are viewing your content, leading directly to new streams of revenue. It’s the internet dream.

Insert record scratch here.

The reality of viral marketing and more specifically viral videos is that producing such quality content requires the expertise of a significant number of people, or a lot of luck. But even without a bajillion eyeballs viewing your video content daily, your business can still use video sites like Youtube and Vimeo to push quality content and benefit from expanding your marketing reach with a new medium.

So what can you do besides posting videos of your cat getting stuck in your Birkentsocks?

1. Educational & Product Highlight Videos

These presentations could include things like video tips or infographics. They could even be demonstrations of how your products or service works in practice. If you choose to do product demonstrations though, make sure you tie it into a problem that the viewer may be having. Providing problem solving tips and hints is a great way to establish yourself as an industry leader.

2. Interviews & Testimonials

Creating interview videos are a great way to introduce your prospects and customers to the humans behind your brand. Apple does a great job of this whenever they introduce a new product. They have the people behind the product talking about the company values and why they believe in it. It’s a product highlight and interview combo.


Interviews can also be done outside of the company. Interviews with prospects, customers and even other industry leaders are helpful because people can relate to a common problem that others are facing. These interviews can also lead to video testimonials which when done properly, are worth their weight in marketing gold.

3. Customer Service Q&A

Like any other business, people are going to be asking you questions every day, relying on your expertise. By answering the questions that people are seeking you out for you’re once again helping to establish yourself as an industry leader. You can even take those videos and link them from an FAQ page on your website.

4. Events & Promotions

Events are a great way to showcase what your company is up to and how people can get involved. Whether it’s a trade show, company promotion or charitable cause, Video content is a great way to keep your business top of mind. Don’t be afraid to only provide the finished product either. You can get a lot of extra quality content via behind the scenes b-roll footage.

Youtube is a great interactive marketing tool that businesses often shy away from. It doesn’t take a huge production budget to create quality content that people want to see. Just remember that helpful is the new viral.

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