5 Beginner Tips for Getting Started on LinkedIn

A little while ago, we provided you with 5 essentials when creating your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn can be an extremely effective social media platform, especially for B2B companies. The question is now that you’re set up and ready to roll, how are you putting LinkedIn to use?

It’s a tough one. LinkedIn is a social network and it often falls in behind Facebook and Twitter (and possibly others) in the priority list. So how can you really use LinkedIn to build business relationships? Here’s some tips to get started:

1. Make Connections Based on Objectives

Growing your contact list just for the sake of having a large following doesn’t really accomplish anything meaningful. Your goal should be to identify the key people that you really want to connect with. Are they key customers? Are they potential business partners? Your LinkedIn connections need to be linked to your business goals.

2. Participate In Groups

If you know what your goals are and you’ve done some research, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find a LinkedIn group that matches what you’re looking for. Be part of the conversation and provide helpful feedback. This goes a long way to establishing yourself as an industry expert.

Without having to wear one of these.

3. Get Employees Involved

Remember that a business has a lot of useful resources at its fingertips and those are its employees. By encouraging employees to engage in conversations with other professionals via LinkedIn you can further start building trust with your brand.

4. Use Consistent Branding

Speaking of branding, the brand needs to be put at the top of the strategy tree. Not only do you need to play the part of industry expert, but the brand also needs to look the part. Employ some branding standards so that there is always a cohesive image being put into every conversation whether it is by yourself or other employees.

These best practices aren’t just reserved for LinkedIn. Everything you see here can help form the basis of a social media strategy that encompasses any social media network, be it Twitter, Pinterest or even Facebook. Speaking of which:

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