5 of Our Favourite Online Tools for Entrepreneurs – Part 1


When people come to you looking for ways to make their online life easier, you get to know the tools of the trade. We’re constantly being asked if we know of an online tool that can do X, Y and Z. During the next few article in this short series, we’ll take you on a brief tour of some of our favourites and give you a bit of insight on how they may be of advantage to your business.

Relationship Management: Nimble

Nimble is a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), but in this case it’s probably more of a relationship manager than it is just an old school CRM. Nimble provides all of the features of a traditional CRM like allowing you to group contacts together, update their info, etc. and brings it to the 21st century.

I hope that blow dryer is Y2K compliant.

For example, when a contact changes positions or companies, Nimble will update their LinkedIn profile for you with their new contact information and will even go out and grab all their other social media information. It allows you to follow that client or prospect and stay in touch in their favourite avenue.

This feature is also great for filling in the info that you don’t have about a contact, meaning as long as you have a name and email address, Nimble will try to fill in the rest for you and asks you how often you want to remain in contact with that person. It even sends reminders.

So you can send out singing telegrams.

Another great feature from Nimble is the ability to assign Deals to your contacts and track their progress through the sales process. Nimble does have a mobile app but our favourite way to use Nimble by far is to access it right inside Google Mail. You can go into an email and work with and update nimble information right from within email. If you’re in the Nimble web app, it will even create a unified inbox that not only lets you see and send emails through Google Apps, but it will even show recent social media messages from all of your accounts.

If you are at all involved in your companies sales process, the Nimble app frees up a lot of time spent managing your contacts and lets you focus on what is important – making sure you take care of those contacts.

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