5 of Our Favourite Online Tools for Entrepreneurs – Part 5


We’re here. The final chapter in our series on our favourite online business management tools. During this series we’ve given you a sneak peek at some great tools for customer relationship management, time tracking and invoicing, task and project tracking, and even some goodies built into your everyday email.

But today is all about the piece de resistance. The hub (quite literally) where all of your marketing efforts come together. It is the absolute best friend that an inbound marketer can have in their arsenal.

Say hello to my lil' friend.

Inbound Marketing: Hubspot

It would probably be quicker to tell you what Hubspot doesn’t do for your online marketing and inbound endeavours but if you want it tracked, reported, posted online or sent out to leads and customers then Hubspot is unquestionably the tool for you.
Full disclaimer here; we are indeed a Hubspot Partner agency so we may be a tad biased but truth be told we don’t know where we’d be without Hubspot. Believe me, we did our homework on this one, spending 2 years researching online marketing tools, testing them out but when you take into account the time savings that just the workflows feature alone saves, you can’t beat the suite of tools in Hubspot.

Workflows is how Hubspot looks at automation. It can do anything from moving contacts to certain locations in the CRM based on their interactions with your site all the way to automatically sending personalized emails based on bajillion different criteria you can set. Think of workflows like email filters on steroids riding a fire breathing dragon into outer space. They’re just plain awesome.

Cool, there’s actually a stock photo for that.

In short, if you want to do any kind of online marketing – be it social media, visitor personalization, competitor analysis, lead analysis and tracking, then Hubspot is more than worth the money, believe me we’ve tried them all.

This concludes our 5 part series. if you’ve already got a set of online tools on the go and need some help in maximizing their usefulness or even if you’re starting from scratch, we’d be happy to discuss in detail with you any of the tools that we’ve mentioned over the past 5 articles.

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