5 Signs That Your Business is Ready for Inbound Marketing

The web is always evolving. Everyone is trying to come up with the easy fix that will turn them into the next interwebs billionaire. Companies are always selling new products to rank higher in search engines, get in front of more people on social media and a bunch of other ‘top secret’ techniques. That’s great and all, but those quick fixes often don’t do much of anything besides flush your valuable marketing dollars down the proverbial crapper.

If site traffic and page views are down, conversions are non-existent, and your contact form has gone drier than your mother’s meatloaf, it’s a pretty clear indication that you’ve reached a disconnect with your audience. It may be time to take a look at what can be done to get those revenue rains flooding once again with inbound marketing.

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So if you see yourself in any of these five signs, there may be help for you after all:

1. You’re Active on Social Media

If you’re consistently trying to gain new followers, improve ROI and stay top of mind with your audience via social media, then you may already be actively practicing inbound (at least partially) without even knowing it. Do your social media posts drive traffic back to your website for further action? Although social media is only one small piece of the inbound puzzle, adding it to your marketing strategy is a great first step.

2. You’re Blogging

Creating helpful content for your prospects, leads and customers is the most important key to inbound marketing. If you’re already blogging about helpful topics then you’ve already got a huge head start. The next step with your blog is to start integrating calls to action, offers and landing pages to start capturing more leads.

3. You’re Tired of Spraying and Praying

Are you noticing that traditional marketing methods just aren’t getting you the type of ROI that you expected or hoped for? It can be frustrating to pour money into mailers, advertisements, billboards and even cold calling with no real idea if any of it will amount to anything.


Tell me if this sounds like a phone hanging up.

That’s where inbound takes over. A proper inbound marketing strategy defines clear and measurable goals by driving more traffic to your website to be pushed along in the sales funnel. This is accomplished not with radio ads and fliers, but with helpful original content, premium offers, social media and even lead nurturing via email.

4. You Want to Develop Lasting Relationships

Inbound marketing is not about making quick sales. It’s about educating people, building trust and giving them value in every interaction they have with your business. When you establish yourself as an industry expert and offer great value, you’re much more likely to grow your reach as people will be excited to share your content with others.

5. You’re Ready for Some Real ROI

A website by itself is not a marketing strategy. It is only one part of a living, breathing online brand. Inbound marketing factors in all of the interactions it takes to attract new traffic, convert that traffic into leads, nurture those leads until you close the sale and finally, excite those new customers enough to share your brand with others. This is the online process that will turn into real revenue numbers – much more so than a static online brochure.

Inbound marketing has been proven to help companies grow their traffic, leads and sales. The great news is that even if your website has a fix-it list longer than a Ritchie Blackmore solo, you can still get started with inbound today.


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