5 simple steps to captivating the hearts of your audience


We live in a world where consumers are being bombarded 24/7 with information – both good and bad. It’s no wonder we are so tired as a society. You could say that on a daily basis, the average person is exposed to upwards of 30,000 brand messages. Talk about a competitive market.

So how do brands compete for that headspace? Well that very thought is where you can change your course. Many brands are fighting for head space when the most successful brands are the ones fighting for heart space.

Let’s take a look at Apple. What does Apple sell? It’s not just electronics. Apple is selling innovation and an emotional, sensory experience with technology. Take a look at this ad:


It’s not bombarding you with a bajillion features of the iPhone. It’s captivating your heart because you are emotionally invested. You can envision yourself in those situations. That’s why many of the most successful brands are forming stronger relationships with their consumers and it’s leading to outstanding brand loyalty.

So how can you start playing ball like the big boys? Here are a few tips to help you switch from fighting for head space to investing in heart space:

1. Become a bite sized brand

You’ll need to make your brand easily digestible. Consumers can only take so much bombardment in a round of a day. If you are too complicated and heavy, consumers will overlook you and go to the next. Not only will you not earn any heart space, but you’ll probably even miss the opportunity to gain headspace.

2. Be real

Don’t sugarcoat who you are. Consumers can only take having their hearts broken once. After that, trying to regain consumer trust will be an extremely difficult task. Remember that successful brands are those who build relationships with their audience – not the ones who look for the quick sale.

3. Get to the point

Always spearhead with your value proposition. Let consumers know why they should let your brand into their hearts. How will your brand help them define who they are?

4. Cue the love song

If you really want to earn that space in your consumer’s heart, you must serenade them on an emotional level. This is the world where feelings rule the kingdom. How is your brand pulling those emotional strings?

Sorry, John Cusack, it may take a little more thought than that.

5. Cherish their hearts

Once your brand has won its place in the hearts of your target audience, it is then your responsibility to cherish that heart in order to permanently anchor your brand. Deliver on your brand promises and nurture that relationship and your brand will flourish in the hearts of your consumers. You will delight them into becoming champions of your brand.

To summarize, first become a bite size brand so that your target audience can easily digest what you are saying. Be real and don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Tell them why they should let you in their hearts. Reach them on an emotional level and once you’ve occupied their heart space, nurture the relationship because that real estate space is very rare and valuable.

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