5 Ways to Convert Your Mobile Visitors into Customers


With the future of the web moving more toward mobile devices than ever before and with patience levels dipping to record lows, how can you command the attention of these fickle mobile visitors and retain them long enough to convert them into paying customers?

It’s no easy task. On average, a visitor only has 5-8 seconds to figure out what they need to do next on a web page, whether that’s clicking a button, filling out a form, etc. 8 seconds is not very long. In fact, it’s about the length of the average Kardashian marriage.

From now on I only marry for love. And maybe once more for money.

But that’s not to say you can’t give yourself the upper hand. Below are 5 methods you can use to help convert mobile visitors into paying customers:

1. Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

The great thing about mobile-friendly websites is that if designed and developed properly, the user can get the same visiting experience on a desktop computer or a mobile device without having to download or purchase a mobile app. This is also great for business owners, since mobile-app development can be very expensive. Mobile websites are usually just a lite version of your current website, with limited graphics and a focus on simplicity, clear and concise content, and overall load time. The easier it is for visitors to interact with your website on a mobile device, the more inclined they’ll be to take the next step toward becoming a potential customer.

2. Generate Call-to-Action Content

Your mobile website should of course contain complete contact information, including address, phone numbers and the URL of your regular desktop website. Adding additional call-to-action content, such as a click-to-call feature, or tap-for-a-discount feature will further increase your chances of converting visitors to potential customers. For mobile visitors, making a quick call instead of having to fill out a long, drawn-out form online makes it much easier for them to contact you with just a few taps of their mobile device.

3. Make Use of QR Codes

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of QR codes, they can be a great way to direct mobile users to your website or landing page. A QR code is essentially a bar code that when scanned with a mobile device, will perform a task for that user. It could be directing them to a web page, sending an email, playing a video, creating a contact on the user’s phone, and so on. QR codes make for a very convenient method for users to make quick contact on their device.

4. Take Advantage of Mobile Social Media

Social media networks are some of the most active web pages on mobile devices, and that trend is only increasing. Facebook and Twitter allow mobile users to share information about their whereabouts, mobile activity and so on. Participating in these networks allows you to keep increasing brand awareness by consistently staying top of mind by encouraging social sharing, offering mobile rewards or providing other promotional offers.

5. Market Your Products with SMS

SMS, or ‘Short Message Service’ is another great way to market your products, services or upcoming events to mobile visitors. Customers can sign up for your text-based SMS notifications, letting them know about new additions or any engaging offers and discounts. SMS messaging is much cheaper than traditional advertising and enables you to keep in constant touch with your customers. You can also include additional calls-to-action right within your text message, like a click-to-call link for example.

The easier it is for someone on a mobile device to interact with your business, the better chance you have of turning that lead into a paying customer. It’s important though to not treat each of the above ideas you see here as their own individual projects. There needs to be a consistency and cohesiveness that benefits the overall brand. If you’re looking to develop a mobile marketing strategy, or just someone to multiplayer Scrabble with, contact Point Click Media.

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