A Tribute to 4 of the Greatest TV Christmas Dads Ever


We’re going a little off topic here today. With it being this close to Christmas, we figure it’s time to let our hair down a bit spend some good ol’ family time the same way as our parents and grandparents before us… binging on Netflix of course.


Ah, tradition.

The awesome thing about Christmas movies is that all the dads on the block are usually trying to outdo one another in an orgy of commercialism only to learn the valuable lesson that Christmas is about spending quality time with family – and that’s tough to do when your house is on fire.

So with Christmas being all in the family, we figure it’s time for a tribute to some of the best Christmas Dads to have ever been shamefully cast in an otherwise terrible Christmas movie:

1. Clark Griswold

How can any list of the best Christmas dads not start off with Mr. Lampoon himself? Any man that can blow a cat clean through his living room floor or ride a flaming saucer down the side of a mountain at Mach 4 has to be the real Father Christmas. And who could forget the greatest Christmas rant of all time?

2. Peter McCallister

A guy who leaves his kid at home and takes off with the rest of the family during the holidays probably won’t win father of the year, but Petey Mac gets Daddy Mac points for raising a kid that puts Homeland Security to shame on a shoestring budget. What 8-year-old do you know that can hardwire a blow torch to the back door AND remember the fabric softener? Every kid wanted to be Macaulay Culkin. I mean, without spending the night at Neverland Ranch.

3. Howard Langston

Although watching Jingle All The Way was as painful as eating a basket of decorative Christmas pinecones, you have to appreciate a dad who straps on a rocket pack and dukes it out with Sinbad to get his kid a Turbo Man action figure. Now that’s parenting.


And probably a felony.

To be fair though, no one needs an excuse to give Sinbad a public beat down.

4. Tim Taylor

This one’s not from the movies, but at last who could forget the lovable Tim ‘The Tool Man’. The king of Home Improvement always had the most awesomely destructive Christmas displays ever. Not every nativity scene has a pneumatic manger than can fire baby Jesus the length of a warship.

It’s not easy being a Christmas movie dad, but amidst the electrocutions and turkeys ablaze comes an unparalleled appreciation for family. We hope that you enjoy your family time just as much as we will during the holiday season. Let us know your favourite TV Christmas dads in the comments below. We’ll see you again in the new year.

Now, where’s those extension cords…

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