Another 5 Effortless Ways to Brainstorm Endless Blog Topics

A few months ago, we posted an article on 7 Easy Ways to Generate Endless Blog Topics. Maybe you’ve already begun blogging and have quickly run out of ideas, or maybe you’re just having a bout of writer’s block – either way, we want to make sure that you keep that content train a-chuggin’.

That’s why we’re bringing you even more ways to brainstorm new topics in order to keep your blog cranking out the hits like the cast of Glee.


They’ve taught us that it’s ok to be a loser, as long as you’re hot.

Do a Little Investigating

Follow other related industry blogs and see what kind of ideas they’ve come up with. Search engines will punish you if you copy material directly from another website, but you should be able to generate a good list of topics that you can expand on yourself and add your own thoughts.

2. Monitor Social Media Conversations

Find out what people are talking about on social media and expand on those topics. By using tools like Twitter search or Google Trends you can also see the types of content people are searching for.

You may have to scroll through porn results for a while.

Don’t just do text searches either. Use Google Images, Pinterest and Youtube to scope out the types of visuals that people are absorbing and turn those into highly targeted topic ideas.

3. Reviews

People are growing more and more keen on reading reviews online before purchasing a product or service. You could review different brands of a certain product for example, backed by your own expertise and experience.

4. Comments & Surveys

Surveys are very useful for gathering feedback and observing trends. The thing is, people hate filling out surveys. The key here is to keep things as short and effortless as possible. In your blog post you can talk about a few related subjects, ask a few questions and have a simple comment section or voting section at the bottom. Enabling comments on your website is also another great way to invite more conversation and to generate even more topics.

5. Reuse & Recycle

Even blogging is going green! Take a look at the traffic on your blog posts, find out which articles generated the most interest, how people found them and expand on those subjects. You could post an update to the original post or simply just keep adding to it.

Your blog isn’t as complicated as you might think. All you’re doing is speaking about your areas of expertise and who knows your business better than you? Blogging is perhaps the most important part of inbound marketing, as it helps draw in new visitors who will eventually become leads and customers. Get started with blogging now with our free guide:

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