Beginner tips for local inbound marketing in Moncton

Whether you’re curious as to what inbound marketing is all about, or you’re looking to dive right in and get dirty, one thing is clear; knowing how to attack a niche market is important – no matter where you’re located.

We’ve consulted with many different sized businesses in the Moncton, New Brunswick area. At first glance, everyone loves the idea of an inbound strategy and using their online assets to help customers, create leads and build their business. But once the initial excitement settles, one of the main concerns I hear often is:

“Inbound sounds great but I only serve a small area.”

Sure, your business may only serve a small niche market or perhaps a small geographical area. That’s a valid concern for any bottom line. We always emphasize though that even if certain tactics may change a little, the base practices of online marketing remain the same. The fact that a business wants to focus on geographic or niche areas is exactly what makes this kind of marketing even more effective. By laser focusing your online content and search engine efforts, you can start dialing in to a much more targeted marketing message, instead of using the spray-and-pray method.

All I want for Christmas is my website ranked.

So what can you do as a business operating out of small-town Moncton, NB to maximize your online marketing budget? Here are 4 easy tips to get you started:

1. Local SEO is your friend

Whether you’re targeting a geographical area because it’s your primary market or even if it’s a market that you’re wanting to break into, there are lots of tactics you can implement to get things moving. Luckily our own Matt Cook recently wrote and posted an article titled 5 Super Easy SEO Tips for Startups that details some of the quick and easy basics.

2. Talk about your area in your blog posts

Part of what may have enticed you to read this article is the fact that I’ve specifically put our local area in the title. Now, I’m not saying that you need to plaster your city all over every blog post or online promotion, but to get local attention you should be talking about the things that go on in your area – be it local industry events, community interest items, or especially problems or questions that pertain to your customers and prospects in that area.

3. Join the local social media scene

Most people see social media as a way to broadcast to the world. While that is true, what most people don’t understand is that inside of these networks there are niche areas for different industries of business or local areas. If you are a B2B company, try going on LinkedIn and searching for the issues that your customers come to find you for. I’m sure you’ll find a conversation or two. For Twitter you could to use a tool like Hootsuite to search for tweets from your area mentioning specific things. The key with social media is to get in on the conversation without just being the person who only talks about him or herself. This can be especially powerful for people in small local areas where everyone knows each other, as you can begin to develop relationships that can continue even offline when you run into these people out and about or at events, etc.

4. Know your personas

The most important of these 4 tips is to understand your buyer personas. Any time you laser focus any kind of marketing be it your online or even printed materials, you are taking a risk that the message is something that your leads and customers will want to hear. Take the time to experiment a bit first by nailing down the profiles for your dream customers and then it doesn’t matter your market size because you’ll be speaking to the right people all the while becoming the go to thought leader in the industry.

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