Branding for Dummies: Simple tips to help build a healthier brand


So many small businesses these days have trouble understanding what branding is really all about. It’s not just about a name or a logo – a successful brand in simplest terms is when your business’ personality and your customer experiences are in tune with each other.

So if those are two facets of your business that seem to be disconnected, luckily for you we’ve got to a few easy tips on how you can start building a stronger brand right now:

1. Define Your Personality

Who are you as a brand? Are you serious and corporate? Are you cool and hip?

Are you a hipster, or homeless? I can never tell.

You cannot be all things to all people, so determine who you are and start reflecting that personality in every business transaction you do. A simple exercise is to define your company in three words and use those words as filters. Any business decision that doesn’t reflect one of those three words will not help your brand.

2. Look The Part

If you want to look trendy don’t go shopping at a thrift store. This is where the services of a qualified design team can help make sure that what your brand represents and what it projects, is in line.

3. Be Consistent

This is the key to a successful brand. So many times, brands get tired of who they are and consistently change to appease the stagnant feeling they have toward their own brand. The problem is that businesses live with their brand day in and day out so it’s normal to get tired of it at times, but your audience doesn’t necessarily interact with your brand as often. If you are constantly changing who you are, you will lose brand credibility and your customers will go elsewhere.

4. Walk The Walk

Be true to who you are and don’t deceive your audience by trying to be something you’re not. Authenticity goes a long way in building long-term consumer confidence.

Remember that a brand exists in the mind of your consumers. The brand is defined by each interaction that those consumers have with your business. Your job is to shape those interactions into a positive experience that will have an overall lasting positive impression.


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