Defining The 3 Pillars of Creating Excited Customers

The Delight phase of the Inbound Methodology is the phase that takes your happy customers and gets them all jacked up to go out and become champions of your brand by starting the whole process over again with someone new. By cultivating happy customers, you’re laying the groundwork for repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals by building loyalty with those clients.


It’s important to know that a successful brand is determined by the people who interact with it. Every experience and interaction that a customer has with a brand defines how loyal that person is to the company. That’s why the very first thing every business should focus on is serving people.

Today’s special is loyalty, well done, with a side of awesomesauce.


It may appear last on the inbound methodology graphic, but brand loyalty is built along the entire path of a buyer’s journey. Every time a person interacts with your brand – whether they are a new visitor, a qualified lead, or even a paying customer – they should always be left with a sense that your brand has fulfilled their need at that moment. So how do we focus on delighting customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey? Every interaction that a person has with your company should be based the ICE rule. These are the 3 pillars of delighting customers:

1. Innovating

When people speak about Innovation, it’s usually related to a product. Just watch any Apple keynote from the last ten years and you will see how they really promote the innovation of their products. But innovating should extend to the quality of your customer service. Challenge yourself to raise the bar past the status quo and offer not only innovative products, but think about how those products can better serve your buyer personas.

2. Communicating

Great customer service is based on helping people. It’s not about how many new features your product has. It’s about how will that product help solve someone’s problem. A person should feel as if your brand communication is directly specifically toward them. It needs to feel personal to them in order to build trust and ultimately, brand loyalty.


When Miss Fran said your name before school, there was no better feeling in the world than being a Do-Bee.

3. Educating

The more you can educate someone on how to solve their problem, the more trust you’ve built with them. You’re also arming them with the knowledge that they can share with someone else that will bring them back to the original source – your brand. Education empowers people with knowledge and new found confidence that they’ve never had before.

These three pillars of the ICE rule are the keys to every positive interaction with your brand. Remember that customer delight doesn’t just happen after you’ve closed the sale. Innovation, Communication and Education are just as important pre-sale as they are post-sale.

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