Depending on how much of a techno-newbie you might be, you may or may not be aware that all of your online activities are stored on your computer while you browse the internet. For example your browser keeps a history of websites you’ve visited and logs of usernames and passwords that you’d be totally screwed without.

Apple's Ping twitter password anti-pattern

Who are we kidding, you’ve been using the same password for Facebook, Gmail and online banking for years, haven’t you… HAVEN’T YOU? - photo credit: bpedro

Your browser history can be a handy little tool when you’re trying to remember a website that you forgot to bookmark, but it can also be used to track your online activities. Depending on what you’re doing at work or at home, this could certainly get you into some hot water. For example you probably wouldn’t want your employer knowing that you’ve been looking for a new job while at work. The same goes for your internet browsing at home… whatever THAT may be…

You may kiss my paw

Just remember, ceiling cat sees all. - photo credit: thievingjoker

Of course, one way to get around this would be to just clear all of that data after you’ve done the deed, but the problem here is that you’re effectively deleting items that you may need later. Luckily for you, the nerds who create internet browsers needed a way to hide internet porn from their mothers, so they’re on your side. Privacy browsing is here!

Private Browsing makes sure that your browsing activities don’t leave any data trace on your own computer.  Pretty much every browser has some form of Private Browsing built in. It is extremely important to note however that Private Browsing does not keep you anonymous from websites or your internet service provider. It also can’t protect you from viruses or spyware applications.  Private Browsing is simply about making sure that you aren’t storing any data that could be used to track your online activities. You can turn it on when you start and turn it off when finished. You clever shrew, you…


"You've earned it, grasshopper... now go! Unleash browsing under the forgiving cloak of night." - photo credit: The Daring Librarian

For more information on how to use private browsing with your internet browser, see the links below.



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