Websites are a lot like a car in some ways. They need regular maintenance in order to achieve optimum performance and safety. This means that the longer you let a website sit, the more vulnerable it is to attacks, down time and lost revenue.

You certainly don’t want to stroll into the office one morning to a mess of frantic voice mails, text messages and employees all telling you that your website is down and data is lost due to an attack. Every minute your website is down means real revenue lost for your business. Any down time can be disastrous in terms of lost sales and lost customers – not to mention the cost to remedy the situation.

Protect your investment with our
Fusebox Security Basics plan for just $250/month

Your website is your reputation. Protect it from hackers and downtime due to outdated technology. So what do you get with our monthly Security Basics plan?

Monthly security updates

To protect from hackers

Core plugin updates

So your contact forms don’t suddenly stop working

Free support calls

Plus faster response in case something big happens

Helpdesk priority

Up to 5 interactions per month

Site backups

In case you accidentally press the skull and crossbones button

Managed downtime support

We’ll get in touch with you hosting company so your don’t have to

Free training sessions

Up to 2 free training sessions per year

Monthly website audit

It’s like a 10-point safety inspection for your website

Mobile stability

We’ll make sure your website is in tip-top shape on any device

Everybody loves free stuff!

Wait! There’s more! If you choose to pay your Fusebox Security Basics plan annually instead of monthly, we’ll give you free hosting and domain renewals for the year!

I’d love free hosting and domain renewals. Sign me up

Annual cost based on a 12-month agreement period. Savings cost valued at up to $200 per year. Free renewals include one free annual domain renewal and 12 months of free hosting. Additional domain renewals are $30 per domain per year.