Mobile Wars Part 3: When Does an App Make Sense?


Despite the many benefits of mobile websites that we outlined in chapter 2 of this series, it should be noted that apps are still extremely popular. Apps aren’t always the best fit for your business, but there are certain usage scenarios where an app could allow for a better user experience.  These scenarios include:

Interactivity and Gaming

Interactive games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja usually don’t translate well to mobile web browsers. In almost all cases, an app is going to be your best choice for developing games, as they allow for easy touch controls and minimal load time.

And there's nothing worse than a buffering icon when you're trying to level up.

Calculating and Reporting

Manipulating data and performing complex calculations are much more effectively performed within an app. If your users also need something that will allow them to create or manage charts or reports, an app could be a good fit.

For Personal Use

If your target users are looking for something to be for personal use and on a regular basis, then an app provides a great way to do that. Note taking, dictation and drawing apps are great examples.

Utilizing Native Features

As technology advances, mobile web browsers are becoming better at accessing certain mobile-specific functions like click-to-call, SMS and GPS. There are still some features however that are still more effectively accessed with apps. This includes accessing a user’s camera or utilizing the devices processing power.

No Connection Required

If your clients are often not in the vicinity of a wireless connection or data network in remote locations, an app can be used to provide offline access to content or perform certain functions. The app could also pull data when a connection is available, for future use.

Wilson, I don't have access to Instragram! WILLLLLSON!!!

Investing in a mobile website or an app can be a difficult choice, but there is definitely value in both. Regardless of your decision you still want to make sure that there’s a potential for return on your investment. The benefits and concerns that we’ve outlined over these last 3 articles will hopefully help you make the proper decision for your online brand.

If marketing and content delivery or a wider mobile presence are your mobile goals, then a mobile website can help you accomplish that. It will allow you to easily share information and have that data indexed by search engines. On the other hand, if your main goals are to provide interactive engagement with users or to have the user device perform more complex tasks like a computer program rather than a website, then an app could be the better choice.

If you’d prefer to discuss your mobile needs in person, contact Point Click Media for a free consultation.

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