Never Forget Where You Came From


It’s pretty easy to become overly focused on all of the new social media avenues, trending topics and buzz words that are floating around the web.  Hey, of course you want to create that elusive viral campaign that will drive the customers to the front door in droves and gets everyone hot and sweaty, but there should always be a reason behind it.

Whether or not you choose Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media channel, your efforts can quickly turn into a bottomless pit if you don’t have a method to receive those followers on the other end.  So you’ve built up 1,000 friends on your Facebook page… now what?

Let’s go back to the basics for a second.  Remember your website?  You know, that old beast of a thing that’s clogging up some server somewhere that you had built back in the day?  Wait a minute, that was just last year.  Believe it or not that old website should still be the major player in your online marketing efforts.  Your website is still the information hub that clients and prospects rely on for processing information about your business.  Quality content, usability, and solid search engine optimization is still the backbone of a great web presence.

You should always keep your customers’ experience in mind.  Think about walking them through the customer service process and what questions they are asking.  It’s important to fill those needs and not just keep bombarding them with social media gimmicks.  There has to be a point.  If they’re being overloaded with Facebook statuses with nowhere to go, then what was the point?

Social media is a great tool for generating buzz, but remember that it can’t replace good old fashioned customer service.  Your website plays a big part of that.  If you’ve been neglecting the old girl and feel the need to get reacquainted, contact Point Click Media.

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