Discovery allows us to dig deep into your business goals, your competitors, your target market and the process that draws your audience towards becoming valuable customers. We map out the specific the framework for a marketing strategy which is tailored specifically to your business’ strengths, your customers core needs and pain points and takes advantage of holes in the competitive market.

Here’s just a taste of the phenomenal value you can expect us to unearth during discovery:

Meeting 1

Discover your business

1-1.25 hrs

After our initial introduction, we’ll offer some Q&A regarding discovery before beginning to get to you know your business on a much closer level. We’ll review your marketing pain points and examine your customer’s buying process.

Meeting 2

Discover your customers

1-1.25 hrs

We find out what a typical customer looks like for you and what client growth needs to look like going forward. We’ll talk about your client retention rates, look at your ideal customer profile and how to use those profiles as a selling tool.

Meeting 3

Discover your market

1-1.25 hrs

Here, we’ll begin understanding your market, your competition and perhaps where you can find your niche. We’ll explore the marketing channels and methods that both you and your competition are using and where we can take advantage of underserved areas.

Meeting 4

Discover your marketing strategies

1.5-2 hrs

We’ll take a deep dive into your current marketing strategies and review what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past. We’ll also discuss any current opportunities and tactics.

Meeting 5

Marketing solutions

1.5-2 hrs

In our final meeting we’ll present you with a custom solution strategy that will help streamline your selling process and help you reach and convert more customers. There will be plenty of time for questions and review before discussing next steps.