Serving Youtube videos without the Youtube brand

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You’ve likely heard us talk about the value of using Youtube to serve your video content before. The advantages are numerous. For one, you don’t need to worry about hefty bandwidth costs that come with hosting your own videos. You can also take advantage of the extra SEO benefits that come along with posting videos on Youtube. But Youtube announced on their blog recently yet another awesome feature that really makes Youtube and your video content a better match than Barbie and Ken.

Youtube now provides an option that allows users to remove the Youtube logo from embedded videos. This means that you now have increasing control over the branding of your video content while serving it through the top video content producing site in the world.

If you were previously weary of hosting your video content with Youtube for whatever reason, perhaps due to the branding distraction it may have provided or the association of amateur or raunchy content that sometimes comes with having the Youtube brand associated with your video, you can now rest easy.

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