Should I Write my own Website Content?

Justifying having a professional writer for your marketing purposes sometimes just isn’t in the budget. It’s understandable. The decision is usually rationalized by the business owner in the same manner: “I can just do it myself. I’ll reuse our old materials. I know the business better than anyone so it should be no problem.” While this may be true, the owners’ expertise can often be tailored to the product or service they’re trying to promote and not necessarily in trying to connect with the proper demographic.

How hard can it be?

When it comes to writing web content, some business owners mistakenly believe it is something they can do quite easily on their own time. After all, everyone has taken writing courses in high school or university, right? This should be like shooting fish in a barrel.

The reality however, is that writing for the web not only needs to be interesting and engaging to the reader, it also needs to incorporate keywords that will help rank that content at the top of search results. When writing web content, it’s important to think like your demographic. Remember, it’s not about what keywords you’d be looking for, it’s what keywords they’re looking for – and often those messages can get lost in translation.

It’s kind of like those mechanics who bring you into the shop and tell you all the different parts on your car that need to be replaced. You have no idea what they’re talking about except that you’re going to be shelling out a bunch of money. Yeah, everyone LOVES those places.

MECHANIC: “Your Panoramic Seismograph Oscillator is completely shot. I’m sorry, but Section 38 dash 465 of the Geneva Convention says that I’m not allowed to let you leave without that or I could lose my licence.”

YOU: “Well, you seem like an upstanding fellow. How much will that cost?”

MECHANIC: “ Just a minute. I’ll grab the bone saw.”

It’s a good thing you’ve got the automatic, because it’s hard to press the clutch with no left foot.

Your reputation is at stake

Writing is the one element of your website that you must nail down correctly. Web design is fairly subjective. Programming languages are generally interchangeable. Above all else, the information that you present to people is what allows your demographic to identify you the most.

At the end of the day, hiring a professional to manage your web content may also be more cost-effective than you think. A professional web marketing service can help draw the blueprint for a strategy that ensures each building block from design to usability and most of all, precise, structured content comes together to create a Taj Majal for your little slice of real estate on the internets.

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