The 3 Types of Buyers and How to Market to Them: Part 3

Over the past two posts, we’ve identified the two extreme ends of the buyer pie. You have the ultimate cheapskates and the ultimate spenders. As with most things, the best way to summarize the average actions and behaviours of all spenders is to take each polar opposite and find an average that lies somewhere in the middle. That’s where we find our third and final buyer type.

Buyer #3: Average Spender Amy

Percentage of Buyers: 60%

Amy is like most of us. If she feels like something is a good investment, she’ll make a purchase. She’s not one to drop ten grand on a jet ski because it was 38 degrees out yesterday, nor will she use an extension cord to hold her pants up because ain’t nobody got belt money. Average Spender Amy is going to take time to evaluate all of her options. She won’t break the bank but she’ll also try to save some money where she can. She’s not perfect. Like most of us she can be occasionally impulsive or tight with money, but overall she’s looking for value and benefits at a reasonable price.

She’s also non-voting like you, so she can gripe no matter who wins.

How to Market to Average Spender Amy

Since Average Spender Amy represents the biggest slice of the buyer pie, it makes sense to focus most of your efforts on this type of person. The average buyer shares many traits with our other two buyers. They respond to a mix of emotion and metric driven marketing. They love to be wooed, but they also like to know the hard numbers. They love the extras that bring added value. Things like money back guarantees and free shipping all add to the good deal and can put their purchase decision over the top.

Knowing the psychology of buyer behaviour can make or break your marketing strategy. By grouping your marketing strategy into these three initial buyer personas, you can begin to subdivide each buyer type into more specific and complex buyer behaviours more closely related to your business.

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