You may have heard about bounce rates from reading this or other marketing blogs, skimming through statistics or even as a buzzword that gets thrown around in the monthly marketing meeting. Bounce rates are an important metric for measuring the success of your website.

Your website’s bounce rate is determined by the percentage of visitors that land on your website and then leave without clicking on anything else or navigating to any other pages. This doesn’t necessarily mean your home page either. People can find other entry points to your website through search engines, links from other sources, or even just visiting directly by typing in the address bar.

If the conversion rates on your website are at an all time low, it could be tied directly to your bounce rate. If no one is staying on your website long enough to read any of your content, there could be a variety of reasons. It could be an indication that your load times are long, you have poor page layout or maybe your content is as dry and stale as aunt Margaret’s fruit cake.

Home Depot could sell it as a construction material.

In any case, a high bounce rate should be a warning signal that things are amiss with your website. It may be time for a review of your website and your marketing strategy as a whole for that matter.


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