The Essential 9-Step Checklist for Creating Killer Landing Pages

We’ve shown you before what a landing page is and how it fits into and benefits your online marketing strategy. We’ve also hinted at a few do’s and don’ts when setting up your first landing page. A great landing page can help you convert new visitors into leads, but there a lot of moving parts to remember.

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That’s why we’re providing you with this 9-step checklist to help streamline and optimize your landing page efforts with all of the essentials:

Let’s Get Started with Landing Page Content

1. Use value-driven headlines that match the referring source. Your headline needs to communicate the value of the offer that you are providing. This means pumping up an ordinary headline like “Our Hypnosis Guide” with action-oriented words like “Free Guide to Controlling the Universe with Hypnosis.” Your headline should also match the referring call to action so the user knows they haven’t been led astray.

2. Copy should clearly and concisely describe the benefit of the offer and what they are getting. This starts with your subheader. If your headline reads “Free Guide to Controlling the Universe with Hypnosis” then your subheader could read something like “Learn every command to enslave all of mankind under your spell.” The ensuing copy should contain a brief description of what they can expect to find in the offer in a bit more detail within a couple of short paragraphs. Providing a quick bullet point list can help keep it nice and scannable.

3. Optimize the page for search. If your landing page is going to rely on search engine traffic for long term use then make sure that your page title, URL and descriptions all contain the proper keywords.

4. Choose imagery that demonstrates what the user is getting. The best landing page images are the ones that show you what lies just beyond the download form and button. It needs to be relevant and a good quality representation of the offer. Don’t do this:


5. The form needs to match the goal you’ve set for the page. The length of your form depends on what kind of data you want to collect. On an introductory offer you may only be looking for a name and an email address. As a lead progresses through the sales process or if you desire more quality leads, your landing pages may ask for additional information like an address, company or phone number. Also make sure to give your submission button an action. “Submit” isn’t exactly the most attractive call to action. Just like your headline, spruce up the button with some language like “Download Your Guide Now”.

Landing Page Layout & Usability

6. Perform the 5-Second Blink Test. Now that you’ve got everything you need on the landing page, take the time to gauge its potential effectiveness. Look at the page for five seconds. Do you know what it is about and what the offer entails? Can you easily find the download form? If there are any difficulties you may need to reassess.

7. Remove your navigation. The goal of a landing page is to get users to fill out the form and receive their offer in order for you to collect their information. By removing all other navigation on the page, you’re eliminating unnecessary distractions that serve as a barrier to that goal. It will help keep them focused on the task at hand.

8. Make sure the landing page is responsive and the content is mobile friendly. Forms are really hard to fill out on mobile devices when you have to pinch and scroll between fields. Make sure that your landing page is responsive so that anyone can take advantage of your offer, no matter what their device may be.

9. Set up a thank you page and make sure it works. This is it. Once the user has filled out the form and clicked the submit button they are expecting to get what they came for. Make sure they are being taken to a thank you page that provides them with the goods. At this point you can reintroduce site navigation as a way for them to return to the website.

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