The One-Pager: Is It Worth It?


Photoxpress_884226A very common question that comes from new small businesses is just how much do I need to put into my first website? Many companies that are just starting out often don’t have much of a budget for the web after their initial advertising and marketing is taken care of, so how can you go about creating a web presence that will be beneficial to your company and not break the bank?

To get back to the original question, you first need to ask yourself what you want your website to do for you. Do you want it to attract new leads through online searches? Do you want it to act as a landing page that people can visit after seeing your web address on a business card? Do you want to offer sales directly online? If you’re just looking to keep it as simple as possible to keep costs down then a simple one page website with a listing of your services, contact information and map to your location can be a useful stop gap until you can afford to direct more resources into it. At the very least, it allows you to get the necessities taken care of including purchasing a domain and finding a hosting package.

What to expect from a one-pager

It’s important not to expect too much from a one page website. Remember, they’re best used as a temporary solution until you can get a more defined solution under your domain. Search engine traffic will be at a minimum. Chances are your page will be mostly static, meaning that you’ll put up the content once and that’s it. Your temporary site will have a tough time gaining search engine brownie points if there’s nothing being done with the site and it remains stagnant. Your best option for generating traffic to your one-pager is to get your domain name out to people through self promotion. Put your domain in your email signatures, on your business cards, brochures and everywhere else your company name is seen.

If you’re not all that keen on promoting a website that is rather underwhelming, especially when you’ve got bigger plans down the road, then maybe you’d prefer to hold off on all of that flag waving until you’re officially ready to go. A one-pager can be a great little landing page tool for giving people a quick information session on your company with a number to call or an email form for questions. If you’re looking for more of a bang from your website then be prepared to devote some serious time and resources toward it and toward marketing your website.

Even if you have minimal content to work with, a one page website can be developed into more than just a static page without having to map out multiple pages. Contact Point Click Media to find out how your vision best fits into your website.

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