Understanding What Inbound Means for your Website and Brand

Through earned trust and an ongoing success-focused relationship with our clients, we’ve witnessed many of them become champions of our brand. One of the things we consistently hear from our clients is that they appreciate our honesty in attaching proper budgets to growth goals, identifying when to forage ahead and when to hold back and work on the fundamentals. There’s a difference between wants and needs, and sometimes even saying no can help build a relationship.

Try telling that to your kids.

No one wants a project that fails. No one wants to invest in nothing.

That’s why we like to provide as much information as possible that will help educate a client about the many different aspects to a successful online brand. In the end we all want our brands to perform to their potential and achieve the goals we’ve set out for them.

One of the most common scenarios that we encounter is when a potential client comes to us seeking whatever piece of the puzzle will get them the most sales in the shortest possible time period. The problem with that mentality is that most consumers, whether online or in person – they don’t want you to fast track them into the sales process. They don’t want to be approached by a company that says hello and then asks for marriage to the brand.

Nice to meet you. How many kids do you think we should have?

Potential customers want you to first help them learn about you and to guide them through their research to help them solve their pain points. This is what we call Inbound Marketing.

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Past success at inbound marketing was the number one reason to change a budget in 2012 — a full 150% more likely to drive budgets allocations than any other reason.

It’s important to consider a holistic approach to your online marketing strategy beyond just a website or just a Facebook page. The inbound methodology helps attract, convert, close and excite a significantly larger percentage of customers by turning them into promoters for your brand. This strategy offers much more than any other marketing tool in existence where lead nurturing is put at the forefront of the project and the customer is served.

Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost. (Source: Forrester Research)

How is your online brand being managed? Try our inbound marketing checklist to get started on your first inbound campaign:

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