What Are Landing Pages and How Can I Use Them?

Part of a great inbound marketing strategy is being able to successfully measure the effectiveness of any particular piece of marketing content. This could mean a magazine advertisement, a blog article or even a television commercial. One great way to gauge effectiveness is to funnel your visitors through landing pages.

A landing page backed by a strong inbound strategy is a bit like the VIP section at a nightclub. You usually have a single dedicated entry point that provides access to some kind of special content or offer.

Hopefully with limited bruising.

The ultimate goal of most landing pages is to convert visitors into leads. It takes that lineup of people that extends down the block and lets them in beyond the velvet rope by using a specific call-to-action and destination page that focuses the visitor on a single task, rather than having them navigate back to the home page.

A well-designed landing page can act as a digital sales rep or bartender if you will, dishing out the goods while gathering valuable lead data for marketing and sales. Most B2B visitors for example, are still at the research phase of their information quest. These are the folks that are looking for information that will solve a problem or fulfill a need but aren’t yet ready to buy from you. They need to be educated first before the coaxing can begin.

Baby, you can give me a call-to-action, ANYTIME.

A great landing page strategy can certainly help convert these visitors into leads, but it should be noted that although most are still in the research phase, there are others who could be at different points of the sales process.

There are certain things that you should include in your inbound strategy and certain things you shouldn’t when attempting to convert visitors into leads. Next time, we’ll look at a few do’s and don’ts when creating landing pages.

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