A strong brand needs to push beyond the borders of the logical approach. It needs to perform on a level that calls out or firmly clasps the heart of your customer.

That’s why to build an effective brand strategy, you must first combine both logical and emotional elements to create engagement, provoke reactions and to give focus to your brand.

We focus on the 3 B’s of branding.

You can find thousands of books and articles on the best practices for effectively branding yourself, but with our years of experience in branding, we’ve narrowed it down to these three imperatives:

Be Real

This world is full of fakes and consumers can easily weed them out from the crowd. Consumers have become skeptics and are demanding authenticity. Clearly define who you are and develop a strong brand position. Be different and separate yourself from other brands, but don’t pretend to be something you’re not.

Be Known

Proudly shout who you are and put yourself out there. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated and fall into the trap of what everyone else is doing. Be confident in who you are as a brand. Everything needs to reflect your brand position. Remember, people gravitate to originality.

Be There

Who you are and how you deliver your message must always coincide. This is called delivering your brand promise. The moment you break a promise to your consumer by doing something that doesn’t reflect who you say you are, you’ve started losing credibility in the head-space of your consumer.

Tell them your story.

With all of the marketing buzz words floating around it’s easy to feel intimidated, but great branding is really not as complicated as you might think. It’s all about sharing your unique story that tells people your heartaches and victories and what separates you from the rest of the brands out there. We can help share your story with others.

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