Messaging and ad content is extremely important to the success of any digital advertising campaign, but after you’ve captured their attention, then what? What is their next course of action? These are the steps that people often miss. They put all of their effort into attracting a visitor only to send them to a home page or a contact page where conversion rates are extremely low.

We not only create captivating advertising campaigns that get people interested in your product or service – we also turn them into qualified leads by getting them into your marketing and sales funnel.

We think beyond your home page.

Our monthly online advertising campaigns target your prospect’s problems and answer their questions with ads that:

Deliver helpful answers to questions posed in the ad

Keep the sales jargon to a minimum

Point to a custom landing page specific to the ad, rather than just your home page.

Advertising is never set it and forget it.

Online advertising is constantly evolving. Luckily we stay on top of it so you don’t have to.

Campaign monitoring

We follow closely and analyze to see where improvements can be made and make adjustments on fly in order to get the most out of your advertising budget.

A/B testing

Part of generating maximum results is knowing why some ads are outperforming others. We test a variety of messages on ads and landing pages in order to learn more about user behaviour.

Online ads can give you a quick boost in traffic by temporarily vaulting you to the top of search engines, but nothing beats a good old fashioned organic search ranking.

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