Proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not something that just magically happens. It’s not as simple as placing some keywords on the page and hoping that the Google fairy rewards you with a nice new ranking.

Actually, search engines are more like an abused dog that you’ve adopted. They’re hesitant to trust anyone due to years of being mistreated by others. It will take lots of love, effort and time to earn that trust before they’ll grow to love and trust you like only man’s best friend can.

Search engines need to know – are you new? Are you a legitimate business? Are you spamming or trying to cheat me? Is your content original? Do you update your site regularly? These are some of the questions and answers that search engines use to rank you.

Our double barrelled approach to SEO

We treat SEO as much more than just a method for generating traffic. It’s a key part of an inbound marketing strategy.

On site SEO

We take your website content and enhance it with targeted keywords, code structure and powerful SEO tools that you can even control yourself. This way, everything from site content to page titles and even images are all prepped for best SEO practices.

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Off site SEO

This involves targeting outside sources through other sites, directories, social networks and search engines in order to organically increase traffic to your website by building quality and reputable links toward you.

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A planted seed takes time to grow.

Search engines can also be like the untrusting parents. They aren’t going to just let you take the car for a joyride because you’ve thrown some clever keywords at them. With our help you will begin to see the true SEO rewards as you gradually and consistently move up the ladder.

But I need traffic now!

Many companies prefer to purchase a higher artificial ranking while they wait for their organic ranking to climb. The budget-friendly cost for these rankings make it an attractive option. Many artificial rankings can be had for merely pennies per click depending on your industry and location. Fusebox can help you develop and manage your online advertising campaign.

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