Why social proof is the new word of mouth

Following trends and being influenced by others is human nature. That’s why word of mouth is still an important part of just about any business model. If I told you right now that Fusebox Creative is the absolute best inbound marketing company in all the universe – well, you would expect me to say that. But if someone else came along and told you that you should really check out Fusebox Creative because they’re the best inbound company in New Brunswick, you’d probably be much more inclined to see what we’re all about.

What is Social Proof?

Claiming that your products and services are the greatest thing since Pacman cereal is all well and good, but people tend to believe it more when they hear it from others who don’t necessarily have a vested interest. That’s what social proof does. It creates a positive influence on someone when they see that others are doing the same thing. It’s like when more and more kids started showing up at school with something new and before you know it, Christmas came and raging mothers were stabbing each other at Zellers over the last pair of Airwalks.

This is also the only explicable reason why Nickelback is a multi-platinum recording artist. Thanks, mom.

So if someone sees a content offer on your website, they initially have no idea whether the content behind your landing page is good or not. This is a good spot to start introducing social proof. That’s why we read product, restaurant, and movie reviews. It lets us know that we’re not on our own here and that the source can be trusted – unless it’s Michael Bay. This can be done in a number of ways including embedding tweets or Facebook posts, using quotes from customers or other reputable sources, and more.

Using social proof with your website content allows you to build trust with potential leads based on the experiences of others. Stay tuned because we’ll soon be letting you in on some creative ways that you can begin incorporating social proof on your landing pages.


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