This is why you’re failing at content remarketing

You’ve probably encountered online remarketing at some point. Maybe without even knowing it. The way ad remarketing works is you’ll begin by searching for a product or service and visit a web page about it. Then once you’ve left the page, you begin seeing ads for that very same product or service. Don’t worry, Amazon isn’t really stalking you, they’re just bad with goodbyes.

More and more businesses are beginning to use ad and content remarketing to try and convert more leads by recapturing the ones that got away the first time. It’s a great strategy… if you’re doing it correctly.

Why You’re Doing it Wrong

Ad remarketing is about trying to turn more visitors into leads. One reason why most businesses have trouble with low conversion rates is usually because they are pushing their remarketing ads right back to the very same content that the viewer has already seen. If your visitor has left that page once already, why would they want to go back there? They’ve already decided that the content you’ve presented wasn’t for them. Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

I'm thinking he may have been on to something.

There’s Got to Be a Better Way

What needs to happen for a successful remarketing campaign is there needs to be another reason – a secondary incentive that brings those people back to a different piece of targeted content that can capture the lead.

So let’s say we’re selling winter tires for example. We’ve got an ad that directs visitors to a page set up with all kinds of information and pricing on our tires, but conversion rates are less than 1%.

The way to capture more leads isn’t to keep directing people back to that page. We need to throw out a bigger and more targeted net. What we can do to accomplish this is to come up with a few differentiators that will serve as incentives for people who will be subjected to the ad. They could be things like a $50 rebate, a coupon code, downloadable checklist or even a price matching service. Whatever the offer is, those ads need to ask a question that is directed to your buyer personas.

Once we’ve created a few different ads with these incentives, we’ll also need to create separate landing pages for each ad that explains the benefits of the offer and a form to capture some basic lead information like a name and email address. Your landing page needs to have content that answers the questions posed in the ad. What is the rebate? How do I get it? What brands of tires are involved, and most importantly, what is my next step?

So instead of pointing people to the same generic tire page that they saw the first time, we’re presenting them with an offer to get an instant $50 rebate simply by giving us some basic information.

That in a nutshell is how ad and content remarketing can get you better lead conversion rates. We use content marketing skills to create ads that go to specific targeted content for our personas that help them become much more qualified leads.


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